Gozdna vila Jelovica
Gozdna hiša Jelovica


Forest villa

The forest villa is dedicated to travellers that love the morning dew on their bare feet. It is perfect for vagabonds that seek different experience in life without giving up comfort, intimacy and the pleasantness of your own bed. The forest villa can be a modern way of living in nature. It is made entirely of wood and is insulated for colder days.
Forest villa is a touristic sight dedicated to spending free time following the principle simple and natural, but comfortable.

The building has a simple triangular shape. The basic structure is made of pine rafters lined with larch panels. The roof is protected with an imitation of shingles made of larch wood. The building presents a connection with camping but with the advantage of usage during cold days, too, thanks to the possibility of heating. The interior is simple and the wood gives the warm impression of homeliness. 

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From the idea to the project

From the very beginning, in the s o b a group, they have been dealing with architecture where the only or the most important solution to a problem is only its form. Forma should not be a reason, neither a goal, but a consequence of meeting the needs of the investor, a thought about quality living of future users, mutual influence of the layout on the facility at a given location (landscape), the possibility of re-using the existing design patterns, materials...

The solution of every new project means an answer to other problems that are included inside a specific task. If we therefore want to write about the built, we have to write about reasons: about the problem as a challenge and about the reaction to it. G villas are above all an answer to the needs of the investor – the owner of the camping site: the purpose was to establish a new type of living at a camping site with a high added value.

G camping is basically a recycled idea of the Swiss natural healer and first hotel owner in Bled, Arnold Rikli. At the end of the 19th century, he took away all the luxury from the rich, insolent, bored and sickly ladies from Vienna and made them go into the nature naked and gave them a good mattress and salad. They came back hungry, healthy and happy.

If we look at the design and the construction, G villas are recycled kožarice – traditional temporary residence of forester from the Gorenjska region: they are well isolated lurch tents with a large window. It is designed according to the principle KISS (keep it stupid simple) and it’s as glamorous as its view. It is affordable to anyone for a price that is much lower than a price for a room in a luxury hotel.


Architecture: Soba d.o.o.
Contractor: Jelovica Hiše d.o.o.
Location: Camping Bled, Zaka
Year of accomplishment: 2010

Foto: Aljoša Videtič, Damir Puhalovič, Miran Juršič

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