We are with you through the entire process of house selection, purchasing and assembly

In Jelovica, we are aware of your high expectations, and thus let our advisors fulfil your wishes with a professional approach and a wide selection of associated services. They will answer all your questions regarding the construction, building permit acquisition procedures, choice of structure and equipment as well as modern energy solutions.


We provide a 30-year warranty on Jelovica structures

Jelovica gives you a 30-year warranty on the construction and a two-year warranty on potential hidden defects in the completed facility. The equipment not produced by Jelovica is subject to the warranty terms set out by the equipment manufacturers.


Quality manufacture of Jelovica houses ensures a long life

Modern prefabricated construction is a result of historically tested wood construction techniques and modern manufacturing procedures. With consideration to the rules and standards, such construction provides top quality products which can serve several generations.


The house will be ready for the finishing works within days

Jelovica will prepare the construction site, manage the construction process and arrange transport. You will be able to move into your new dream house within four months. Prefabricated construction boasts ecologically sound and energy efficient manufacture.


We design a concept of your dream house free of charge

Our top architects will suggest the suitable architectural solutions and design the concept of your new house free of charge. We will advise you on the energy efficiency achieved by Jelovica houses. You will cooperate with designers who realize the importance of energy efficiency in modern prefabricated houses.
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