Blower door test

The airtightness of houses is examined with the so called Blower door test, which helps us determine the points of leakage in the structure. Mounted into an exterior doorway or window opening, the device blows air into or out of the house. When a pressure difference of 50 Pa is reached between the interior and exterior, the amount of air that must constantly be added to maintain the 50 Pa pressure difference is measured. The highest permissible air change through the leaks in a passive house is 0.6 percent of the total house volume per hour. In a house with a ventilation system, this value is 1.5 of the total house volume per hour. The test is highly recommendable to be carried out prior to the application of floor and wall coverings, as this allows for any potential leaks to be sealed with relatively low costs.


A thermographic camera is indispensable in detecting thermal bridges, air leaks in windows and doors and defects in flush mount heating system installations and underfloor heating. With this device, heat losses on the house surface can be measured and major heat losses located. With a properly designed and well-constructed low-energy house, the thermographic inspection reveals that no mistakes were made in the production, that there are no thermal bridges and that the joinery is installed without any leaks.
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